The Top 10 Kitchen Knives

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Regardless of what you look out for when you go shopping for a kitchen knife, there are those features that every chef will agree should come with a good kitchen knife. In case you are wondering what these features are, read onto find out as we present a rundown of the top 10 kitchen knives.

#10. Robert Welch

Priced at £40, Robert Welch is one of the top knives your kitchen should have. The knife features honed blade that is tapered to razor sharpness of about 14 cm to ensure precision cutting. Its low price compared to its versatility only goes to add to the fact that is one of the most sought-after kitchen knives.

#9 Victorinox

Coming from the makers of the Swiss Army knife, you certainly can’t go wrong with Victorinox . The knife has a ceramic blade that has been fashioned from a high-purity zirconium oxide which contributes to its hardness and durability. With all these gorgeous features, the knife comes at a mere price of £23.

#8. Clas Ohlson

The sleek contemporary design of this knife, coupled with its superb ergonomic handle makes this knife a must-have. However, it is the molybdenum alloy in its handle that makes it a good buy as you are guaranteed over 300 times higher resistance to corrosion as compared to the ordinary stainless steel blades. You can get it at £20.

#7 . Scanpan Spectrum Santoku

One thing is for sure that these knives will appeal to your eyes due to their bright colors. However, the colorful non-stick coating and high carbon content in these knives combine well to make your cutting experience something to relish each time. They are also one of the best deals as they come at a meager £11.

#6. IO Shen

There are very few knives that retain their blade almost for eternity, and IO Shen is one of them. In order to allow for flawless cutting as well as portion control, you only need to sharpen the knife at an angle of about 15-degrees. It is, therefore, understandable why the knives fetch a whopping £100.

#5. Lakeland

This is one of the few utility knives available in the kitchens today. Its blades are stainless steel and fully forged to ensure maximum strength. Additionally, you will not have to worry about handling these knives with wet hands, thanks to their soft-grip handles that makes that work a lot easier. The knife comes at a price of £36.

#4. Tojiro Senkou

This knife is priced at £190 and for the good reasons. To begin with, their blades are some of the toughest, thanks to the 62 layer of steel folded around them. In addition to the strength, you are guaranteed maximum durability as these steel layers make resistance is next to impossible.

#3. Saji

Do not be turned away by the high price of this knife and seek to know what the knife offers. If you are looking for a knife that never loses its cutting edge touch, then look no further than this knife. Its many other features such as durability and precision cutting makes the £500 price worthwhile.

#2. Gordon Ramsay

Versatility, durability and balanced cut make this knife one of the best kitchen knives. It s therefore understandable that at a price of £80, the knife is a limited edition so rush and get yours so you may experience what makes the Gordon Ramsay one of the kitchen wonders as far as knives go.

#1. Global

Global tops our list and to say the list, this Japanese baby is manufactured with the highest levels of professionalism. The knife features a razor-sharp blade and perfectly balanced handles to ensure you get your stuff cut with the highest level of precision and ease. With all its beauties, you will only have to cough £73 for it.


Next time you go looking for a kitchen knife, you might want to consider any of these. Remember, each of them has that unique feature that will address most of your kitchen knife woes. Read more at this website.