15 Essential Kitchen Tricks and Tips

Sometimes, cooking can be a tricky thing where one has to spend a lot of time preparing food. In fact, a significant number of people waste most of their time in the kitchen. Now, do you want to save your time and effort as well as be more efficient and less messy in the kitchen? Well, here are 15 essential kitchen tricks and tips that can simplify your daily life.

1. Use a spoon to peel ginger: You can quickly take off the tough skin of ginger using a spoon rather than using a knife.

2. Open a jar quickly: No need of asking for help in opening jars, whereas you can use rubber kitchen gloves to open them.

3. Keep vegetables fresh: If you like eating vegetables, you must be aware of how hard it is to keep them fresh for an extended period. However, use the trick of putting paper towels on the base of the vegetable box so that moisture can be absorbed to keep them fresh.

4. Keep greens fresh longer: Never pre-wash greens and they will stay fresh for an extended period. You can also put them in vacuum packages and then place in a freezer.

5. Freeze leftover sauce: To avoid pouring a leftover sauce, just freeze it and you will have a sauce every time you need it.

6. Decrystallize honey: Do not rush to purchase honey after having a crystallized one, whereas you can just warm it in a microwave for approximately 30 seconds and get this sweet dessert again.

7. Keep ice cream soft: If you like soft ice cream, then you can keep it in that state. All needed is a plastic freezer bag, which you put the ice in it and then push out air. After that, put it in a refrigerator and you will be good to go.

8. Make yogurt pops: To make one, you need Popsicle sticks and yogurt. Put sticks in yogurt and then freeze it.

9. Prevent banana from browning: to prevent these fruits from browning, keep them in a bunch and do not separate them until when ready to use.

10. Save your cheese: In case there is a lot of cheese left after a wine party with your friends, you can wrap tightly and freeze them. Remember to defrost it a day before serving.

11. Combat meat toughness: To make your steak more soft, tasty, and tender, just add lemon juice, beer, or vinegar.

12. Prevent pasta from hardening: Do you cook more pasta than you can eat? Well, put your leftovers in a sealed plastic bag and then refrigerate. Remember to boil it for a minute before serving.

13. Wooden spoon trick: To prevent water from boiling over a pot, put a wooden spoon across it at the top.

14. Save an over salted dish: To solve an over salted soup, put a piece of raw apple or potato as it will absorb the excess salt. You can also add a spoon of sugar or apple vinegar if a bowl of soup is too salty.

15. Keep champagne bubbly: If you want to make bubbles reappear again like magic in your champagne, add one or two raisins in a glass.


With these 15 essential kitchen tricks and tips discussed above, your time as well as your effort will never be consumed again by cooking. Moreover, you will prepare delicious meals and have nothing troubling you on the way to a perfect dish.